Hints and Tips

Ronnie the Rambler

Suitable clothing to wear

  1. It is not a good idea to wear jeans, as they easily become wet, and once wet, take a long time to dry. The best sort of trousers to wear are good quality walking trousers.
  2. Some people like to protect the bottoms of their trousers with gaiters. This is not always necessary, but gaiters are useful when walking in very muddy places: they will keep your trousers dry and relatively clean.
  3. If you like using a walking pole, bring it with you.
  4. The best footwear are a good, sturdy pair of walking boots. Some people prefer trainers on urban walks, but these are not suitable for walking along very muddy footpaths. Boots are often worn with two pairs of socks, a light self-wicking inner pair to absorb sweat and a heavier outer pair to keep the feet comfortable.
  5. Long sleeved shirts are better for walking in overgrown footpaths where unprotected arms may be stung or scratched by nettles and thorns.
  6. A light waterproof hat will protect you from sun as well as rain.
  7. Remember to pack waterproofs - the climate is changeable, and you may get rain even on a day which starts off sunny. Also, if you want to visit a pub at lunchtime, remember that most country pubs don't like serving people with muddy boots. If you don't wish to remove your boots for the pub it is a good idea to carry boot covers with you e.g. a couple of supermarket bags.
  8. Always carry a bottle of water or other drink to prevent dehydration.
  9. The best maps to carry are the OS Explorer 1:25,000 range. It can be useful having a map even on a walk which is led by somebody else.
  10. Some people like to record their tracks using a GPS. If you bring one, make sure the batteries are fully charged, and bring spare batteries just in case you need them.